Torre dell'orologio VeneziaIn 1499, in Venice, Italy, one of the most famous astronomical clocks ever made was installed in Piazza San Marco. A masterpiece of technique and engineering, it has been marking the life, the history and the passing of time of the city itself for 500 years: a symbol of this city, now as then.
In 2011, Mr. Risi, an artisan watchmaker, inspired by his passion, developed a wristwatch reproducing that magnificent work of art. The watch was named “VENETHIA”, as the city was called in the 16th century.
The watch was so successful that it quickly became a favourite and a best seller among the top jewellers of Venice, with a few hundred pieces a year being created for the city’s visitors.
The watch is a faithful reproduction of the ancient clock, down to the smallest detail. Great care is devoted to the dial development technique. Metal etching, 24k gold plating, smoothed and polished oven baked enamel reveal the same sophistication and elegance of the original in a single precious object.
The watch hands representing the Sun and the Moon are also etched, hand-finished and 24k gold plated.
The wide case was designed to emphasize the complex dial and is made in 316L stainless steel.
An anti-glare mineral glass enriches and improves the dial reading.
The watch is animated by a very reliable Citizen 2026 quartz movement.
The genuine leather watch strap is made in Italy.
These features give the watch a high quality/price ratio and an extraordinary aesthetic impact.
The watch is now available in two different dial sizes: 42mm diameter for men, and 36mm diameter for women.
For men
The watch is available with a deep Lapis lazuli Blue dial, as the original one has.
For women
The watch is available in three different colours: Lapis lazuli Blue, Venetian Red and Green Brocade.


1 thought on “VENETHIA Watches

  1. I am in the United States and would love to purchase one of your styles. I saw the watch while in Venice for my honeymoon and regret not purchasing then and there. Is there an opportunity to buy from you? Please let me know, my wife was hoping she could make it a special honeymoon gift and remember our time in Venice. Thank you.

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